Assisted Living – Just One of Muth Electric’s Specialties

Taking care of the oldest members of our communities is something that should be on everybody’s mind. Between an increasingly strong economy, improved housing market, and the simple fact that people are living longer than ever before, the assisted living market is sure to expand in the years ahead. In addition to assisted living properties, independent living construction is also on the rise. With so many seniors in need of housing and many projects now under way or planned, Muth Electric is available to provide electrical contracting services to get these properties fully wired and connected.

Primrose Retirement HomeNot only do we have years of experience offering electrical installation and repair services at homes and businesses throughout the region, but we’ve also worked specifically on several different assisted living housing projects as well. This includes health care institutions, nursing homes and other areas where seniors spend a large portion of their time. We understand the importance of having reliable electrical systems, especially when it comes to assisted living communities.

Many senior citizens have mobility impairments or suffer from other conditions that make getting around more difficult. Without reliable lighting, getting around can be that much harder for senior residents. Whether you manage a nursing home that’s had continual power outages, or you are constructing a new building, we can make sure your power is always up and running.

There are also unique electrical needs at these facilities, many of which differ from the needs of a standard residence or business. That’s why dozens of retirement homes, hospitals and senior housing communities throughout South Dakota and Nebraska have relied on our electrical contracting services. You can even take a look at some of the properties we’ve worked on by browsing our online gallery.

The growth of assisted living properties isn’t set to slow down any time soon. If you’re currently involved in the construction of senior housing, or you’re planning ahead for the future, we can take care of the electrical systems at your project. Give us a call at 605-996-3983 to learn more from a member of the Muth Electric team today!