Electrical Controls and Automations In order to best serve our customers, Muth Electric offers automation features for control systems. Our Power Solutions Division has talented members that will design and build computer based panels, with several, easy-to-use interior electronic switches. The switches provide owners with a litany of features, including the ability to control equipment and monitor all other systems. All the while, in one convenient location.

The automation features and control systems have helped businesses in a variety of industries. Such as, agricultural, manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, material handling plants and other businesses that utilize lighting control and power monitoring.

Each system is tailor made to suit your needs. Reduce downtime and decrease the amount of maintenance tasks employees have to perform. For example, if you have limited staff on shift and a machine has an issue, will it be noticed? Would this put your time and production behind schedule? With automation controls, you will have a message sent directly to you or the manager on shift to alert you of a problem. This will allow you to get out and rectify the issue.

Please note, each system is custom built to your specifications. Our customers have the option of adding in the following services:

Hazard/Power Monitoring

  • Allowing you to monitor and track equipment in your facility.

Alarm Monitoring 

  • Anytime a system has an issue, such as a piece of equipment shutting off, or an alarm set off, you will receive instant reports.

Remote/On-site Service

  • You can control your system from a variety of devices, including your computer, phone, or other smart device, allowing you to handle situations that arise when you’re away from the office.

We will come to train you on how to use the devices. All of the parts we provide are accompanied with a 1-year warranty. Best of all, the expert staff of Muth Electric Inc. is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

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