Back to School Is Our Specialty

Electrical Installations for Schools When it comes to the thousands of schools and educational centers in the United States, there is a lot that goes into ensuring that the children and adults within them have everything they need to excel. There are books, chalkboards and amazing teachers in every school that have the power to change lives.

Although all of these resources are important, there is one element that is crucial to every educational institution, and that is the electrical work that goes into each and every learning center. Muth Electric has always swelled with pride when it comes to the good electrical work that we provide to schools.

The fact is, it takes a particular kind of electrical expertise to be able to handle a project as large as setting up the wiring and electrical needs of a school. There are many moving parts to each project, and our track record shows that we are the company for the job.

Our experts have handled projects big and small, including middle schools, high schools and parochial schools, and we have given them the electrical systems that are essential to a proper learning environment.

You may be wondering, how much does good wiring and electrical have to do with education? Before we answer that, just think about how important electricity is to our lives and everything that we do. It goes double for schools.

Proper electrical connections are needed for tech schools, media centers, laboratories and even art schools so that all the tools required to provide their students with the service they need. This can include specialized outlets for equipment in lab settings or increased power demands in computing centers. Plus, without proper wiring, administrators would not be able to handle the behind the scenes tasks required to help the students, all of which are completed on computers, printers and scanners.

We are proud of the electrical work we have done for educational structures around South Dakota and throughout the Midwest. Some of our biggest school electrical wiring projects involve work on many of the local schools districts in multiple states as well as all of the higher education facilities in South Dakota. We are aware of how important proper electrical systems are to education, and we are glad to have been part of these projects and to empower the students who rely on our work daily.

In addition to educational facilities, Muth Electric also completes work on churches, government buildings, office buildings and residential properties. To discover our whole list of services, visit our services page or call us at 605-996-3983 today.