Meet Blake Waddell, Muth Electric Safety Director

In honor of safety month, we want to introduce our Safety Director, Blake Waddell. Blake began his career at Muth Electric in October 2015. Blake is responsible to ensure all employees within the organization comply with safety programs that guide the company. He develops and implements safety programs and standards for Muth Electric, and all… Read more »

Meet Robyn Peterson, Corporate Safety Officer/Operations Assistant

June is Safety Month, and at Muth Electric, safety is one of our top priorities. A safe work environment is essential and vigorous effort and many items go into a safety-conscious company.  One key member of our safety team at Muth Electric is Robyn Peterson. Robyn started her career at Muth Electric in August 2001…. Read more »

Build Dakota Scholarship Recipient: DOMINIK CASPERS

Muth Electric is proud to announce that Dominik Caspers is a Sponsor A Scholar Build Dakota Scholarship recipient at Southeast Technical Institute.   Dominik is a 2020 graduate from Marshall High School in Marshall, Minnesota. He is attending Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls starting the fall of 2020. He will be pursuing an Associate’s Degree… Read more »

June is Safety Month

Electrical safety tips for Safety month

Today, we want to talk to you and remind about electrical extension cords use and the hazards that they can potentially involve or create when used improperly.  Too often, people just grab the extension cord, plug it in and think everything else is good-to-go.   Often that is not the case!  It is important to… Read more »

Muth Electric Offers Electrical Maintenance and Repair

Muth Electric provides electrical services

Here at Muth Electric, we are proud to offer customers medium and high voltage diagnostic maintenance and repair. It’s always important to take care of your building’s electrical equipment, and that is why we are here to help you during this time.  Electrical Services for Medium/High Voltage We have a wide variety of electrical services for you: … Read more »

Power Factor Correction

Are you paying for low Power Factor at your business? Muth Electric is committed to serving our customers and helping with all their electrical needs and helping them reduce operating costs. Power Factor Correction is one area we can help with both. Benefits of Power Factor Correction in your facility ·         Avoid or lower the… Read more »

Muth Electric’s Technology Team is offering On-Demand Technology Service

With the increasing number of individuals working remotely, we want to assure you, our technology team is available and ready to assist you. Let us help ease the setup of your remote workstations by offering the following services: Physical set up of remote work stations Wireless access support & setup Extend cabling from router to… Read more »

How Can Infrared Thermography Identify Electrical or Mechanical Hazards?

infrared thermography

Because the electrical or mechanical systems in most plants do not glow when operating beyond their normal temperature it can be difficult to spot potential hazards with the naked eye. More often than not, electrical or mechanical issues go unnoticed until a component fails altogether and causes a breakdown. In some cases, these l failures… Read more »

Safe Grain Handling Systems to Get You Working Efficiently

When it comes to grain handling systems, Muth Electric and our automation department can take care of all of your electrical needs. In today’s highly technical world, grain handling systems are more advanced than ever. The professionals on our team will take care of any of your needs to have you working as efficiently as… Read more »

Remember the Power Outages Last Winter?

Standby Generator

A standby generator will keep your company’s offices in operation and the heat, sump pump, freezer and other necessary items in your home running smoothly when your power goes out. At Muth Electric, we offer a few different backup generator options that run on either natural gas or propane. These units sit outside your building… Read more »