Incorporating Renewables: How We Can Help Green Your Grid

These days it is all about efficiency. How can we run our companies more effectively to spend less on utilities and equipment costs? A significant expenditure that all businesses face is their high energy costs. It can cost a small fortune to keep a business up and running, which is why many operations are always… Read more »

Premade, Prefabricated and Prepared for Your Job

Muth Electric Inc. is one of the fastest and most efficient electrical contracting companies serving clients in South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska and states throughout the northern Plains states. With nearly half a century of experience, we’ve worked to make our work as fast and efficient as possible which includes the use of our on-site… Read more »

Back to School Is Our Specialty

When it comes to the thousands of schools and educational centers in the United States, there is a lot that goes into ensuring that the children and adults within them have everything they need to excel. There are books, chalkboards and amazing teachers in every school that have the power to change lives. Although all… Read more »

Take Better Control with Automation Services

As times change, as so do the needs of your business and the machines that help it thrive. One of the biggest advances of recent years is the necessity of automation systems. These services allow you to better manage your equipment in an effort to increase productivity and optimize your business’ cash flow. Automation controls… Read more »

Assisted Living – Just One of Muth Electric’s Specialties

Taking care of the oldest members of our communities is something that should be on everybody’s mind. Between an increasingly strong economy, improved housing market, and the simple fact that people are living longer than ever before, the assisted living market is sure to expand in the years ahead. In addition to assisted living properties,… Read more »

Don’t Leave Electrical Up in the Air on Airport Projects

Whether it’s for commercial or military reasons, if you are expanding, repairing or upgrading features at an airport, there is a lot that goes into it. There are a lot of components involved, ranging from structural considerations to signals and, of course, electrical work. Make sure that you get the best for your project or… Read more »

Trust Us for Your Grain Handling Systems

When it comes to grain handling systems, Muth Electric and our automation department can take care of all of your electrical needs. In today’s highly technical world, grain handling systems are more advanced than ever. The professionals on our team here at Muth Electric can take care of any of your needs and have you… Read more »

Get Your Project Wired with Muth’s Design Assist and Installation Team

No matter what type of commercial construction project you’re overseeing, making sure the job is completed on time and on budget is always a top priority. Unfortunately, you can’t handle every aspect of the project by yourself – and you shouldn’t have to. That’s where the team at Muth Electric comes in. We can work… Read more »

Working Safe Saves Lives

Whether we are repairing an electrical system or building something new, we always want to make sure that in the end that our work is done safely and the finished project  is of the highest quality. At Muth Electric, we employ that mentality with all of our projects all while maintaining a constant attention to… Read more »

Build Dakota Offers Scholarships for Electrical Construction Programs

Jobs in the skilled trades, such as those in the electrical, carpentry and plumbing fields, are essential to the economy. Those certified in skilled trades are absolutely necessary in the workforce and provide much-needed services to individuals and organizations in the residential and commercial communities. While working in the trade industries makes for a great… Read more »