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How Wind Turbines and Electricity Work

Wind Turbines and Electricity

Wind turbines and renewable energy are playing a major role in the future of energy production not only in the United States, but also around the world. One of the biggest questions people have is how they work, and how can they benefit from this renewable energy resource? Wind energy can produce electricity for people… Read more »

Building a New Home? Make Sure to Call a Trusted Electrician

Building a new home is a very exciting, yet stressful time. Building a home takes so much work and time, but in the end, it can be your dream home if it is done the right way and the way you want it built. Electrical work can be very tricky, especially if it is a… Read more »

EV Charging Stations are Now Essential Around the Country

installing ev charging stations

As all-electric vehicles begin to flood the automotive industry market, the need for EV stations around the country is skyrocketing. Many automotive companies are designing and building their version of an all-electric car to stay current. For gas stations, office buildings, medical facilities and apartment complexes as well as many others around the country, the… Read more »

The Healthcare Industry Relies on Electrical & Technology Services

Healthcare industry and electrical services

Muth Electric gives you peace of mind when it comes to providing full access to electrical and technology services. Today’s healthcare industry is ever-changing. The medical industry needs to function properly while keeping patients and staff safe. With the ever present strict working environments that have security challenges, infection control, certain hours of work to… Read more »

Muth Electric Celebrates Women in Construction Week

Woman in construction

In honor of Women in Construction Week, we pride ourselves in acknowledging the amazing women that have helped Muth Electric reach the successes in the construction industry. Women hold various valuable positions in our company from high level leadership, recruitment, accounting, technology, and division administration positions. Each woman plays an integral part in the progress… Read more »

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

In an effort to better serve you, our customer, we would like to offer our services to help you get ready for the Harvest season.  We understand it is a busy time of year and you can’t afford to be down because of maintenance issues.  We can help.  Muth Electric will come to your facility… Read more »

Meet Blake Waddell, Muth Electric Safety Director

In honor of safety month, we want to introduce our Safety Director, Blake Waddell. Blake began his career at Muth Electric in October 2015. Blake is responsible to ensure all employees within the organization comply with safety programs that guide the company. He develops and implements safety programs and standards for Muth Electric, and all… Read more »

Meet Robyn Peterson, Corporate Safety Officer/Operations Assistant

June is Safety Month, and at Muth Electric, safety is one of our top priorities. A safe work environment is essential and vigorous effort and many items go into a safety-conscious company.  One key member of our safety team at Muth Electric is Robyn Peterson. Robyn started her career at Muth Electric in August 2001…. Read more »

June is Safety Month

Electrical safety tips for Safety month

Today, we want to talk to you and remind about electrical extension cords use and the hazards that they can potentially involve or create when used improperly.  Too often, people just grab the extension cord, plug it in and think everything else is good-to-go.   Often that is not the case!  It is important to… Read more »