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What Is Arc Flash and How Do You Prevent It?

Arc flashes are very dangerous, and they are one of the many reasons why only certified electricians should attempt to do most electrical work. An arc flash occurs when an electric current veers off its intended path and passes through the air while moving from one electrical conductor to another conductor or to the ground…. Read more »

UPS: How an Uninterrupted Power Supply Can Keep Your Business Going

Let’s say the power were to go out in your business right … now. How would you be affected? Well first, you probably would have to come back to read the rest of this blog, but more importantly to your operations, how would you be able to continue to help your customers? Would you need… Read more »

Back to School Is Our Specialty

When it comes to the thousands of schools and educational centers in the United States, there is a lot that goes into ensuring that the children and adults within them have everything they need to excel. There are books, chalkboards and amazing teachers in every school that have the power to change lives. Although all… Read more »

Dick Muth Honored with induction into South Dakota Hall of Fame

Dick Muth, CEO and co-founder of Muth Electric, has recently been inducted into the South Dakota Hall of Fame. His story is one of drive and determination to build Muth Electric from the ground up. Dick, the oldest of seven children, was raised in Ethan, South Dakota. His mother died when he was 13, and… Read more »