Get Your Project Wired with Muth’s Design Assist and Installation Team

  No matter what type of commercial construction project you’re overseeing, making sure the job is completed on time and on budget is always a top priority. Unfortunately, you can’t handle every aspect of the project by yourself – and you shouldn’t have to. That’s where the team at Muth Electric comes in. We can […]

Keeping Electricity Safe In Commercial Buildings

Modern electricity is one of those things that we take for granted. Flip a switch and a dark room is fully illuminated. Flip it off and it’s darker than night. That’s not to mention all the miraculous gadgets that are powered by electricity. We often act as if it’s been around since the dawn of […]

Interesting Facts about Muth Electric

Muth Electric got its start over 44 years ago on July 15, 1970, when Dick and Darlene Muth decided to start the company in their garage in Ethan, South Dakota. Their first job involved wiring a house–including the light fixtures–for $410. Today there are more than 200 vehicles in Muth Electric’s fleet, but in 1970, […]

Why Being an Electrician is a Rewarding Career

Where would we be without electricity? Imagine buildings without it. You can’t, can you? It’s the 21st Century, and the world runs on electricity. Did you ever think of becoming an electrician? It’s one of those jobs that there will always be a need for, since every business and home requires electricity. Someone has to […]

How to Select the Right Commercial/Industrial Electrician

The last thing you want is an electrical fire or even an electrical outage. Stable electricity is vital to our day-to-day business. Therefore, you should care about whom you hire as the electrical contractor for your business. You want to know they can be trusted to do the job right, in a safe, efficient, and […]

Embark on a Rewarding Career with Muth Electric

This is the time of the year when Muth Electric, Inc. starts ramping up for recruiting season. Our Recruiter visits 10-12 Technical schools that offer electrical programs across five states each year. She introduces the students to our company, talks about the scope of work we do, the wonderful and exciting opportunities we have, and […]

The Value of an Automation Department [Infographic]

Throughout our company’s history, Muth Electric has worked diligently to continually build our offering of services to most effectively serve our clients’ needs.  One way we have accomplished this is through the creation and the development of an Automation Department.  But what exactly does an Automation Department do? The Automation Department at Muth Electric designs […]

Breaking Down the Jargon

You may have seen certain terms labeled in your facility or plant, such as PLCs, VFDs, Soft Start, and Power Factor Correction. What do these terms mean and how much do you need to know about them? Here’s an informative look at each of these common and important terms.   PLC – Programmable Logic Controller. […]

Muth Electric Offers a Two-Year Warranty on Service Work

Muth Electric has built our reputation by completing excellent work in a timely fashion, and by providing outstanding customer service to each client we have had the pleasure of working with.  One example that demonstrates our commitment to our core objectives is the two-year warranty we offer to clients. The two-year warranty covers any service […]

A Company you can Trust

One of the most challenging aspects of owning a business or commercial building is finding the proper help for problems you are unable to take care of.  An example of this is finding a knowledgeable, proficient and dependable electrical contractor who can ensure your building is running efficiently.  A dreaded scenario is hiring someone whose […]