Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

Muth Electric along with the US Department of Labor and Regulation is celebrating National Apprenticeship Week (NAW)! NAW is a nationwide awareness campaign to showcase federally recognized apprenticeship programs.

Learn about Muth Electric’s Federally Approved Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training Electrician Program

Are you looking to enter a career that provides you with structured training and challenges you to excel in a high demand work environment? A federally approved apprenticeship program is a great way to further your career by learning from experienced leaders in the field to studying a structured curriculum preparing you to be a well-rounded electrician. When you join the Muth Electric Team as an apprentice, be assured that our strong background of experience will provide you with the best training to prepare you to become a leader in the electrical field.

Many states, including South Dakota and our surrounding states, require 8,000 hours of electrical experience to be eligible to take the journeyworker license exam. Along with your Muth Electric on the job training, this apprenticeship program prepares apprentices to successfully complete the Journeyworker electrician exam. Using skilled and experienced instructors, our Department of Labor- Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (BAT) program provides students with 144 hours of training per year. While working for us, you will be prepped, trained, and educated to have a successful career as a skilled journeyworker electrician!

For more information on the Apprentice program please reach out to Human Resources at (605)996-3983, email hr@muthelectric.com or online at https://www.muthelectric.com/career-advancement/