Churches & Places of Worship

Muth Electric’s skilled team of licensed electricians has provided instrumental electrical services to the houses of worship that communities depend on. We have served classic and contemporary religious institutions by helping to create brand new facilities as well as restoring 100-year-old buildings with safe, appropriate designs.

Many of these buildings include rare, unique architectural and historical value that many generations have enjoyed and continue to be part of, thanks in part to our careful skill and thoughtful installation. Working with these precious spiritual and local icons gave our team a chance to combine old and new with secure, reliable engineering perfectly fitted to the existing designs. Muth Electric assures the faith of the community and the guidance of its spiritual leaders continues to thrive in these historical and innovative buildings across the Midwest.

Muth Electric conducts electrical repairs to fragile or valuable architecture and creates plans for new religious institutions. See the samples below and contact Muth Electric for more information about churches and other buildings.