EV Charging Stations are Now Essential Around the Country

As all-electric vehicles begin to flood the automotive industry market, the need for EV stations around the country is skyrocketing. Many automotive companies are designing and building their version of an all-electric car to stay current. For gas stations, office buildings, medical facilities and apartment complexes as well as many others around the country, the need for charging stations is crucial, so anyone investing in electric cars has the opportunity and access for charging in a majority of areas around them.

installing ev charging stations

How Can We Get More Accessible EV Charging Stations?

At Muth Electric, we have the ability to install EV charging stations at commercial businesses and buildings as well as industrial facilities. For EV charging stations to be accessible and in the proper places, they have to be installed at local places where people with electric vehicles will be near consistently. Apartment complexes, office buildings, gas stations, convenience stores, county and state parks, rest stops off the highways, and much more!

The Benefits of Installing More EV Charging Stations

As we stated above, tech companies and car companies are designing and building electric vehicles. This is why more EV charging stations will benefit the country if installed at locations like we mentioned above.

  • More Access to EV Charging Stations
  • Increase the Investment in Electric Vehicles
  • Provide More Demand for Electric Cars
  • Give Electric Car Owners More Options for Re-charging

How Do EV Charging Stations Work?

Newer electric vehicles are increasingly better on mileage as the technology becomes more efficient and economical for the general public. In the coming years, we’ll see a decrease in cost of electric vehicles.

When it comes to EV charging stations, there are three different types of charging stations, which include level 1, level 2, and DC charging stations, which are the fastest out of the three. Obviously, the time it takes to fully charge your vehicle decreases with the level increases. The level 1 stations are usually used at home for owners to charge their vehicle overnight since it takes longer. The level 2 stations are found at residential and commercial locations and can be installed as part of a solar panel system. These are installed by professional electricians. The third level or DC charging stations are meant for industrial and commercial.