Healthcare Facilities, Assisted Living & Nursing Homes

Muth Electric’s top-quality products and skilled electrical team has been instrumental in completing a variety of electrical repairs and wiring services healthcare facilities. We serve a wide range of healthcare institutions across five states, from small clinics to specialty hospitals to full-service healthcare centers.

Our team services and creates many of the essential systems that support emergency care, rehabilitation, assisted living and nursing homes for individuals and families. We fulfill the needs of many complex features such as surgery centers, large generators and specialty systems so each patient receives safe, reliable, comfortable service in any situation. Medical facilities and other healthcare providers trust Muth Electric’s comprehensive service, expert installation and detailed planning to assist in designs with the utmost security, safety and latest in technology. We examine each site’s electrical needs, layout, emergency demands and other aspects to create a plan ideally suited to the service and audience.

For a top-quality and affordable plan for your health care establishment, contact Muth Electric today.