How to Select the Right Commercial/Industrial Electrician

Commercial Electrician The last thing you want is an electrical fire or even an electrical outage. Stable electricity is vital to our day-to-day business. Therefore, you should care about whom you hire as the electrical contractor for your business. You want to know they can be trusted to do the job right, in a safe, efficient, and proper manner.

When searching for an electrician, first ask around and see what others say about whom they’ve worked with in the past. Word-of-mouth recommendations matter, as electricians earn their reputations (good or bad) from how people perceive them to be over time.

You can also specifically ask to know an electrician’s qualifications and certifications, inquiring about what work they have done in the past, especially if you have a very technical project to do. If you have a very specific job that needs to be done, you want to know your electrician is very knowledgeable and experienced, so ask specific questions and deem whether or not he or she answers them to your satisfaction.

It’s better to ask a lot of questions of an electrician before you hire and pay them to do a job, than to not ask questions only to find they don’t know what they’re doing.  Problems can occur well after the bill is paid.

Furthermore, ask about an electrician’s insurance coverage. Just in case something went wrong, you need to know they have workers compensation for their employees and sufficient liability coverage if there happens to be an issue later. Electrical contractors should also be licensed and bonded.

It has been said to “always get things in writing,” and that is wise advice. Before an electrician attempts to fix or install something on your property, get detailed written quotes of the work to be done, including the pricing, so there aren’t any “surprises” later on.

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