Incorporating Renewables: How We Can Help Green Your Grid

These days it is all about efficiency. How can we run our companies more effectively to spend less on utilities and equipment costs? A significant expenditure that all businesses face is their high energy costs. It can cost a small fortune to keep a business up and running, which is why many operations are always looking for solutions that can help keep those costs down.

Solar PanelsOne of the newest and most talked about ways to lower energy costs is through power generation via solar, wind and other “green” options, and many companies are choosing to add these power generation sources on site.

There are plenty of benefits to medium- and high-voltage generation sources, and they are influential enough to have many companies seriously considering the switch. The continued demand for high-voltage electrical service in industrial operations means higher electrical bills. Adding a generation system to the property can help reduce costs through on-site creation of electricity, reducing the need to pull from the grid and allowing companies to realize savings more quickly.

Installing a solar- or wind-powered generator isn’t always an inexpensive project, but the cost you pay will often be quickly recovered in your energy savings. Once installed, these generators can provide power throughout the year, lessening your facility’s overall demand and more than paying for themselves – often in just a few years. It also provides your facility with a long-lasting and sustainable energy solution that can also serve as an emergency power backup source in case of an area outage.

The benefits of these systems may be a no brainer, but the installation is a bit trickier. Specialized electrical work is required to tie green generators into a commercial or industrial building’s electrical grid, and you’ll want to find the most experienced electricians to do this job. Luckily for you, the specialists at Muth Electric have you covered. We have expertise installing and maintaining medium- and high-voltage generator systems. Our technicians have years of experience in this realm, and we can complete your transition safely and efficiently so you can benefit from green energy to find savings at your facility. Learn more about installing solar, wind or other generation sources today by calling Muth Electric at 605-996-3983.