Our 50 year history of quality service, professionalism and reliability has enabled Muth Electric to develop our electrical services, employee commitment and financial strength.  We can maintain any project or system regardless of size or complexity.  We are equipped and travel to perform medium voltage diagnostic and maintenance services of all types from our Sioux Falls Division 605-338-6586.

Medium & High Voltage System Installation South Dakota & NebraskaOverhead and Underground Line Maintenance and Repair

  • Splicing and termination
  • Cable testing (Hi-pot / Megger/ VLF)
  • Pole replacements
  • OH Riser Repairs
  • Cable Fault location and repair
  • Cable location
  • Line repairs
  • Bucket Truck Work

Substation/Switchyard Testing, Installation, Maintenance and Repair

  • Air switches, OCR’s, CT’s, PT’s, Breakers, Switches, etc.
  • Operations
  • Battery Systems
  • Fuse Replacements
  • Arrestor testing and replacement
  • Ground resistance testing
  • Cap Banks

Electrician in South Dakota & NebraskaTransformer Testing, Maintenance and Repair

  • Including DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) Testing, PF, etc.
  • Transformer Swap-out, Repair, Acquisition
  • TTR Testing
  • Meg testing

Onsite repairs including oil pump down and refill

  • Oil level check and fill
  • Cooling Fin leak repairs
  • Nitrogen blankets
  • Fuse replacement
  • Vault replacements

Infrared (Thermal) Scanning, Diagnosis and Repair

  • Gathering of information
  • Full color reports

Medium Voltage / High Voltage Operations and Safety

  • Evaluation of system
  • Development of safety plan
  • Development of maintenance plan
  • Isolating / Grounding / Switching

This is just a partial list of what Muth Electric has to offer in this area of service.  Please contact us if you have questions or would like us to make a visit to your facility to take a look at how Muth Electric can be of service to you. For maintenance services of all types from our Sioux Falls Division 605-338-6586.