Meet Blake Waddell, Muth Electric Safety Director

In honor of safety month, we want to introduce our Safety Director, Blake Waddell. Blake began his career at Muth Electric in October 2015. Blake is responsible to ensure all employees within the organization comply with safety programs that guide the company. He develops and implements safety programs and standards for Muth Electric, and all employees within, to reduce potential accidents and injury. Another key part of his job is to review and investigate any accident/incident involving company employees, property, or job sites. Blake makes recommendations for corrective issues he may find. “I conduct random inspections of all company locations, including job sites, service work, and other locations occupied by employees, to identify hazards which could put employees at risk of injury or death, and suggest corrective action to abate those hazards,” said Waddell. 

Blake enjoys working for Muth Electric because of the variety of work performed and enjoys working alongside other members of the team to provide the best service. “It is a thrill to see projects start from scratch and develop into a finished product and know we played a role in that,” he says. “It is refreshing to work for a company that truly cares for the well-being of their employees. This is reflected in the manner you get treated when you perform the tasks assigned to you.”

His best safety tip is, you can only control your own actions and the way you go about anything you do. If you rely on someone else to be safe for you, then you put your life in their hands. Be vigilant in the actions you take toward safety and set an example for others working around you.

Blake and his wife Melissa have three children, Tevyn, Regan, and Landon. In his free time, he enjoys watching his kids at their activities and tries to always be there as their number one fan. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, golfing and reading.