Now is a Great Time to Upgrade Your Light Fixtures With LED Lamps

Now is a Great Time to Upgrade Your Light Fixtures With LED LampsStill have your facilities using fluorescent lighting instead of LED lamps? Now is the time to upgrade to LED. The cost of LED lighting has gone down significantly in recent years. This means retrofitting old fluorescent fixtures with LED lamps is more affordable than ever. Here are a few other reasons to consider upgrading your light fixtures with LED lamps.

LED lighting will last much longer.

Are you tired of replacing fluorescent lamps every year? With LED lighting, you won’t have to worry about buying new lamps for a long, long time. Rather than lasting for just a few years, LED lamps can continue to function for years. This long lifespan will more than make up for the initial investment you make in LED lighting.

LED lighting can save you money on your energy bills.

In addition to lasting for several years, LED lamps will also cost less to operate than other less efficient types of light bulbs. You will likely see an immediate reduction in your energy bills after upgrading your light fixtures with LEDs.

Your utility may have rebates.

Your electric utility may have a rebate program that will help pay some of the cost of the retrofit making it even more affordable to replace your lighting system.

LED lighting can improve the appearance of your workplace.

Not all lighting is created equal. Fluorescent lighting can cast harsh shadows and emit an unnatural color that makes spaces look cold and uninviting. There are different colors of light from LED lamps including natural sunlight to a warmer color, and therefore more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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