Premade, Prefabricated and Prepared for Your Job

Muth Electric Inc. is one of the fastest and most efficient electrical contracting companies serving clients in South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska and states throughout the northern Plains states. With nearly half a century of experience, we’ve worked to make our work as fast and efficient as possible which includes the use of our on-site prefabrication shop. This facility allows us to preassemble products and equipment before taking it to the job site, allowing for a clear, uncluttered and effective workflow.

Preracked ConduitOur experienced team of professionals have a wealth of experience with a large range of electrical work, and can handle a number of projects on site, including wiring, bending and racking conduit and much more. With the benefit of our prefabrication shop, however, we are also able to work more efficiently. For example, we can preassemble circuit boxes and pre-cut wire and other materials to make installation on-site a more fast and efficient process.

Each job is a distinctive experience, but with all the projects we’ve worked on in a wide range of industries, there’s nothing our team of specialists cannot handle. Our prefabrication shop is often used to assemble parts that are unique to a specific job. Once the products for the job are prefabricated in our workshop, they are taken on-site to more rapidly install and complete your job, saving you time and money and helping move your project to completion more quickly.

It is an organized and highly productive process. To give you an idea of how helpful it is, imagine your new home is being custom made just for you and your family. During construction, your completion date is pushed back a few days because during the wire installation process, the wires need to be cut and run on-site. It may sound like a small extra task, but it creates clutter and disorder in what can be a well-oiled machine. Having as much of the materials prepared before they are needed in a different workspace, out of the way of other contractors on-site, allows for the utmost efficiency and helps get the job done more affordably, as well.

Muth Electric takes on many different types of electrical installation and rewiring projects including commercial, retail, residential, churches, government buildings and more. We are equipped to handle it all! If you are in need of an experienced and highly organized crew of professionals for electrical work at your next project, call Muth Electric today at 605-996-3983!