Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available to utilities, businesses, and consumers. Muth Electric is dedicated to your project and offers a full range of solutions from site evaluation to construction, installation, and maintenance.

Muth Electric is committed to assuring end-to-end quality, cost control, and accountability.

Our experienced staff is qualified to provide well-designed and high performing solar collection solutions. We have completed projects from residential to utility-scale size as well as rooftop to ground mount systems

What we offer your project from start to finish:

  • Installation of………..
    • Racking
    • Modules
    • Inverters
    • Transformers
    • Combiner boxes
    • AC&DC wiring
    • Programming of inverters
  • The medium voltage to the Point of Interconnect for the local utility company.
  • The installation and terminations of all fiber optic cables and connection.
  • We will procure all of the subcontractors for the following.
    • Perimeter Fencing
    • Civil
    • Surveying and Staking
    • Post pounding
Solar Panels
Muth Electric in front of solar panels