Safety and Attitude Never Take a Back Seat


Two things that Muth Electric requires from all of our employees is a commitment to safety and a team first attitude.  A “we can do it” approach to a job is imperative, as our company is committed to solving any problem or challenge that comes our way.  Working together and having the right attitude in place simplifies our projects and makes them that much more successful for our customers.  From the outset of any job, we work hard to complete our project in an efficient manner and exceed our customers’ expectations.  However, we also make certain that our “we can do” it attitude does not compromise the safety of our workers and other workers at the job site.

The number one priority of Muth Electric is taking every precaution we can to ensure each one of our employees returns home safely from work every night.  Our extensive safety program is designed to hammer home the fact that safety is the top priority at the worksite.  Each one of Muth Electric’s employees are thoroughly taught the proper worksite habits.  We strive to have each worksite be a safe place for everyone to work by thoroughly training our staff and drilling home the proper safety methods.  Thanks to the diligent, experienced and dedicated employees of our 7,000-hour safety club, we have gone over 1.8 million hours worked without an accident or incident in the field!  The top 25 members of the club have each gone 28,000 hours with an injury or incident.  We are proud of these statistics and will work hard to continue this in 2013.

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