Safety is not something a business can go out and buy. A safe work environment is not something that one day just happens. Safety is a way of thought, a “good attitude”. Vigorous effort and many different items go into a “safety conscious” company.

Many programs have been developed to instill that “good attitude” with the employees of Muth Electric, Inc. With time it will grow to a way of life as a result of these items.


  1. Safety orientation training is given to all new employees. This four-hour training is completed before a new employee goes out on the job site.
  2. Safety glasses, hard hats and high top leather work boots are required to be worn on all job sites by all employees at all times.
  3. Each division office of Muth Electric, Inc. has one employee appointed as safety officer to relay new safety ideas from the field to upper management to share with the rest of the company. We also have a person within Muth Electric, Inc. that is designated as Corporate Safety Officer to monitor our complete safety program for compliance and new ideas.
  4. Safety inspections are done on our job sites by an in-house safety inspector. There are 80 – 90 random inspections done each month. We utilize a pre-printed safety checklist on each inspection to gain consistency. Once a walk through has been completed, the checklist is forwarded to the Corporate Office where any necessary follow-up is done.
  5. All job sites have a Monday morning Toolbox Talk safety meeting that is recorded and verified to the Corporate Office. At this safety meeting the various work activities that will be in progress that week are discussed to consider the safety aspects of each.
  6. All job sites and service departments perform daily stretching techniques to reduce the prevalence of sprain and strain related injuries.
  7. On the first Friday of each month, a monthly safety meeting with mandatory attendance is held in each division office. A trainer’s guide and video pertaining to various construction site safety hazards is supplied to each division safety officer. Review of any construction or service related hazards and/or accidents are discussed to reduce similar occurrences from happening again. At least one Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is reviewed and any concerns in reference to safety are discussed.
  8. Employees are required to complete a job hazard analysis for tasks that we have identified need a hazard review on each project or work order. As well, employees are required to report any job site safety hazards that exist. The hazards must be corrected or our employees will be removed from that site until the hazardous situation is abated.
  9. Written Hazardous Communication Manuals are maintained in each vehicle and on each project with the appropriate MSDS sheets.
  10. Employees of Muth Electric, Inc. are not allowed to work on any energized circuits. A written Lockout / Tagout program is followed for locking out equipment and electrical circuits that could cause injury or death to an employee if activated while being worked on or maintenance being performed. Employees are required to carry their lockout equipment with them at all times.
  11. Our foremen are required to test all GFI receptacles on each project at least once per month with certified GFI testers.
  12. A “Drug-Free Workplace” is enforced through the “Drug & Alcohol Control Policy” adopted at Muth Electric, Inc. As a safety precaution, this policy prohibits on-the-job involvement with alcohol or illegal drugs. All new hires are subject to a drug test as well as current employees involved in an accident requiring off-site medical attention or one resulting in $500 in property damage.
  13. Wearing of seat belts is required while driving or riding in company vehicles. In addition the use of cell phones while driving a company vehicle is not allowed to eliminate the risk of distraction.
  14. The first report of injury form has been expanded with more questions to investigate more thoroughly any accidents that may happen. This allows us to research possible safety hazards and prevention of similar accidents in the future.
  15. All field and prefab employees are eligible for an individual safety incentive that pays a cash award for working safely. They are also eligible for a team safety incentive on a per project or service department basis to create a team effort on safety.
  16. A close relationship is maintained with the AGC Safety Specialist and the South Dakota Safety Council. Formal training has been presented to our employees on many subjects including:
    • Proper lifting programs
    • American Heart Association CPR training
    • Safe use of various equipment
    • Correct fire extinguisher use
  17. New updated literature is constantly being reviewed and purchased to make sure that we can comply with all present requirements. OSHA consultants are invited regularly to inspect our facilities and work sites to pinpoint hazards. Necessary corrections are then made.
  18. Safety is a good attitude that needs constant reminding so our quarterly newsletter carries at least one article in each issue promoting safety.