Take Better Control with Automation Services

As times change, as so do the needs of your business and the machines that help it thrive. One of the biggest advances of recent years is the necessity of automation systems. These services allow you to better manage your equipment in an effort to increase productivity and optimize your business’ cash flow.

Automation controls are useful in almost every business, with companies within manufacturing, agricultural, grain handling and processing industries often most quickly seeing the amazing benefits. Best of all, these services can be built into new buildings or implemented into existing setups. Let’s take a closer look at some of the remarkable benefits of automation services.

PLC PanelOn-site and Remote Control

Of course, it is important to monitor your devices while you are on site, but what happens when you are away from the office or plant? With our automation services, you can control and modify your machines even when you’re away from your building. This type of control can be a huge advantage if anything malfunctions, allowing you to quickly adjust flows or processes to work around the problem.

Alarm Monitoring

Speaking of malfunctions, wouldn’t it be nice to know when one of your machines isn’t performing correctly? You wouldn’t believe how much time and money can be wasted when a system shuts down and no one knows about it or if the error can’t be traced back to the source easily. Plus, don’t forget the amount of utility waste that can be involved with trying to identify a malfunction. Alarm monitoring offers immediate notifications as soon as a malfunction or shutoff occurs, with alerts that are sent directly to your computer or smartphone.

Power Monitoring

Whether you are just looking to keep tabs on the amount of electricity that is flowing through your business, or you feel that one of your machines may be eating up more power than you would like, the power monitoring benefits of our automation equipment can help you keep track of your devices. These systems provide individualized reports for each piece of equipment, allowing you to examine the power usage and track malfunctions, which can help you identify where inefficiencies may exist or what devices may be in need of significant overhauling or replacement.

At Muth Electric, we pride ourselves on having some of the brightest minds working to design and build the best automation systems for our clients’ needs. If you’re interest in learning more about how automation controls can help make your business more efficient, give our team a call today at 605-338-6586 today.