Take Better Control of Your Electrical Controls with Automation

Automation serves an increasingly important role in many industries, including agriculture. Automation and control management solutions provide a number of benefits, including improvements in tracking and productivity. To truly realize the full benefits of automation, however, it is important to make sure your electrical controls are under control.

Electrical Controls and AutomationA successful automation system starts with finding the right solutions for the agricultural operation or facility. There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to electrical control management solutions. The automation experts at Muth Electric have extensive experience designing and building automation solutions for agricultural operations, including grain elevators, fertilizer plants and feed plants. We are able to tailor each system to the unique needs of the facility and operation where it is to be installed, providing an individualized approach that guarantees the automation system meets the exact needs of the business. A generic “plug and play” approach, on the other hand, may provide features that are not needed while leaving off capabilities that would be incredibly beneficial for the operation.

Installation and maintenance of automation controls is also an essential part of making sure your electrical controls are under control. The best control management systems will still not perform to their full potential if they are not properly installed and maintained. The skilled and experienced staff at Muth Electric is able to deploy automated controls for a variety of agricultural operations that will work reliably and deliver the expected results.

Automation can handle a wide range of needs, from simple power on or off capabilities and demand management to hazard and power monitoring, alarm system management or remote access and control, allowing you to see update in real time from anywhere. Our team can help devise the right solution for your operation and take care of everything to installation and integration to training and support.

An investment in automated controls can improve the efficiency and profitability of agricultural operations. To achieve the best results, however, your control systems need to be tailored to meet your unique needs and demands. Let Muth Electric help install or improve your automation solutions by calling us today at 605-338-6586.