The Value of an Automation Department [Infographic]

Throughout our company’s history, Muth Electric has worked diligently to continually build our offering of services to most effectively serve our clients’ needs.  One way we have accomplished this is through the creation and the development of an Automation Department.  But what exactly does an Automation Department do?

The Automation Department at Muth Electric designs and builds computer based panels with an array of interior electronic switches, which control equipment and monitor other systems.  A safety plus for you is that the monitoring technology will alert you if there is an issue with some of your existing equipment.  So let’s say you have machines running, but a limited staff on shift, and one of your machines encounters a problem.  Rather than a company not seeing the problem for an indefinite period of time, the panels can be custom programmed to send a message to someone on or off shift to alert them of the issue.  Undoubtedly, this will help your company increase efficiency and stay consistently productive.

Our panels can be designed for nearly any industrial business.  Our most common Automation customers come from business in the following industries:

– Agricultural Facilities
– Fertilizer Plants
– Food Processing
– Grain and Feed Elevators
– Plastics Manufacturing
– Businesses that utilize lighting control and power monitoring
– Material Handling

If you do not see your industry on the list, please call our Automation Department at 605-338-6586 and we will discuss the specific needs of your businesses.  Alternatively, you can email us at   We look forward to hearing from you, and deciding together with you the best way for your company to maintain its facilities.