UPS: How an Uninterrupted Power Supply Can Keep Your Business Going

Let’s say the power were to go out in your business right … now. How would you be affected? Well first, you probably would have to come back to read the rest of this blog, but more importantly to your operations, how would you be able to continue to help your customers? Would you need to wait until the electricity came back on? Would you be able to retain all of the information stored on your computers and other electronics or would you lose it all? Would your various devices work properly once the power turned back on, or would they suffer errors or worse due to the sudden power loss?

Uninterrupted Power SupplyIn the digital age more than ever, it’s critical that your business has electricity for a wide range of operations. What might have been a minor inconvenience just a few decades ago can now mean a significant loss of money, data or equipment. It’s why the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) industry is growing by leaps and bounds and why some, like Global Industry Analysts Inc., are estimating that it could be an almost $14 billion industry within the next five years.

Uninterrupted power supplies allow you to keep power on when the electricity goes out. Unlike backup generator systems, they are not meant to be a long-term solution since they rely on a backup power supply to keep your electricity up and running. Instead, these devices are a continuation system designed for the modern working environment. At the first sign of a power fluctuation or loss, these devices kick in, providing energy to your critical systems and devices to keep them powered and giving you the opportunity to properly save work and shut down your computers or power off any other critical components safely.

Having a connected UPS also gives you some time to try and resolve your power issues, perhaps allowing you to continue your work. In partnership with backup generators, for example, the UPS will ensure that power stays on while you activate your backups if you expect the outage to last for an extended period. These power supplies are an effective solution for a number of different types of businesses, including those that rely on data and electronics, and it will help them stay open and operational during an outage.

Installing an uninterrupted power supply is simple when you work with a company like Muth Electric. Our team offers a wide range of electrical services for companies in all types of industries, from commercial manufacturing and industrial structures, lodging and retail businesses, government and religious buildings and many other locations. We can work with you to discuss your options for installing a UPS and work with you to ensure you have a comprehensive plan for how to deal with an outage at your location.

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