What is Lean Construction?

Lean construction uses lean production principles from the manufacturing industry to help the construction industry be more productive in its operations.  The basic concept of minimizing waste to maximize value produced each day is the same.  The only difference is that construction is doing it on a project site rather than a production line.

Since 2005 Muth Electric, Inc. has been working to utilize the lean concept to provide the greatest possible value to our customers. We have recognized that to provide the best overall value, we must provide the quality our customers expect and eliminate waste at the same time.  Eliminating waste does not mean reducing quality, it means to deliver the quality expected in the most productive method possible.

So then what is waste that we need to eliminate? Waste is anything that consumes resources and includes the following:

1) REWORK- Fixing mistakes including miscommunications

2) TRANSPORTING- Moving material a number of times before it’s installed

3) MOTION- Not having material being installed close to you-within an arm’s reach

4) MATERIAL- Having too much on the site, or waiting for more if there is too little

5) UTILIZATION- Including more than the customer desires, lack of communication

6) CLEAN WORK SITES- A clean work site enables more efficient methods and is a safer place to work

Regardless of the project, our first initiative is to understand the true needs of our customer, then follow through.  At times the low-price, highly competitive bid process only focuses on a specific set of material and turns it into what many consider a commodity. Commodities are often bought at the lowest price, but construction projects should be anything but a commodity. When the entire construction team works together, they can produce maximum overall value for the customer.

In order for us as an industry to provide maximum value for our customer, we must begin to think differently and act differently.  We must involve everyone on the team to learn to see waste and eliminate it.  We must share information to see that our customers receive the value they deserve.  At Muth Electric, we are here to help you achieve that goal in whatever way we can.

Posted by: Muth Electric Inc